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Shocktech USA

RAT Valves

RAT Valves

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Its back and just as good as it always was, but now in the 9/16" and 11/16" versions.  The original low pressure valve. The Rat Valve allows incredible air flow consistency.  You'll see tighter groupings on the field and at the chrono.  Over the years dozens of valves have come up and gone but no one has put out a better one, So, If it ain't broke!

9/16" Rat typical performance (in Shocktech guns and associated parts with good paint to barrel match.  IVG in 1.5 to 2 turns from flush)

  • 300+ FPS @ 300 PSI
  • 280 FPS @ 225 PSI

11/16" PHAT Rat performance  (we have seen some guns Shooting 285FPS @ 160 PSI.   But keep in mind you will need to tune your gun with the parts you have. We cannot guarantee the end results.)

  • 295-300 FPS @ 180-285 PSI
  • 280 FPS @ 160 to 200 PSI

List of 11/16" valve markers:

  • Empire Resurrection and Sniper Pump
  • Inception Designs Cocker (no early 9/16” ones)
  • Meteor Paintball Cocker
  • AKA Merlin and Merlin spec Cockers Excalibur, Viking, and Evil-M
  • Killshot Kustoms Merlin spec markers
  • CCM 11/16" valve bodies
  • WGP Trilogy’s
  • WGP 06 Black-magic

NOTE:  Shocktech USA cannot guarantee fitment and or performance in any other manufacture bodies.  Nor can we offer tech advice on how to make it work in your situation do to the amount of variables.  We always recommend using a qualified air smith for installation of any of our products.

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