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Danny will not leave the stock alone as his philosophy is it need to be tournament ready and paintballer proof.  Unlike other rams this one is not a rebranded non-rebuildable industrial product.   Typically rams have been manufactured by companies such as Clippard & SMC for many years before paintball came along.  While others made these rams work with their guns we decided to make our ram specifically for paintball.

The Shocktech Ram has a slightly longer throw which reduced chopping paint. Unlike most other rams, ours is completely rebuildable with drop in parts.

RAW parts purchased will come unassembled. 

NOTE:  Shocktech USA cannot guarantee fitment and or performance in any other manufacture bodies.  Nor can we offer tech advice on how to make it work in your situation do to the amount of variables.  We always recommend using a qualified air smith for installation of any of our products.

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