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The same outrageous performance as our original bomb, but with an updated look. 

Years ago Danny Love discovered that by adding a third o-ring to the shaft of a 4-way he could shorten the stroke and up the speed of movement. Thereby increasing the rate of fire, the smoothness of the trigger pull, and the overall performance of any autococker we installed it on. 

The design caught fire and wound up being copied by nearly every gun builder and manufacturer. However nobody could quite duplicate the performance because Danny also had incorporated a proprietary o-ring formula. 

Due to the high volume of requests we have brought back the Bomb along with the original o-ring form the same manufacturer.

When you purchase raw aluminum parts please keep in mind that you cannot thread them into each other.

A raw bomb screwed into a raw front block may seize and never unscrew. This applies to all raw components. The threads are weak and will "roll" or "gall" until anodized.

Any raw parts purchased will come unassembled. 



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