About Us

Shocktech has built a world wide reputation for manufacturing and customizing some of the best guns and aftermarket components in the history of competition paintball.

Because we pay close attention to both function and style our products not only work better than most, they look better as well.

With what looks to be a rebirth of mechanical guns coming back to the competition side of the game we have re-expanded our operations.

Why choose Shocktech? Its really very easy to see the principles and founders of this company have won dozens of major competitions including more World Cups than all other mechanical teams combined. Our roots run deep, we started by manufacturing these parts and guns for ourselves to win. Then we began selling them to others that wanted the same. Period. At our core its about the trophy. So while others got into it for their own reasons, we followed our own path. Never looking to do what they did, just stay focused on what we do... win. So whether its a ram, grip frame or gun look hard at the pedigree.

We have an unending passion for the game of paintball, this is where we began and its where we will stay. 100% committed to the game and 100% made in America.



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